Since returning to the media game in 2013, WestCoast Keish has helped bridge the gap between the underground and mainstream by highlighting the best of the best of both worlds. 

With 2 million+ page views down, thousands of monthly subscribers and viewership from industry influencers, and are the go to spots for independent, as well as established artists.

 Keep the tradition alive by submitting your work for feature consideration on W.Coast.K, Hype Off Life or both… 

Bring your A game
No full projects unless you’ve been previously featured
Browse the site a bit before submitting to make sure your content fits our aesthetic 

Additional Info
Since we actually listen to submissions, we're limiting site submissions to 100/month, until further notice

Also, due to the high volume of submissions received, there’s no guarantee your's will be featured. If you're selected for a feature, we'll email you before it goes live.

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